Results of PdM/PM


Planning and scheduling repair work can be challenging when you have multiple fault identification strategies, multiple inspection methods and several hundred, if not thousand, pieces of equipment in place. Being able to integrate and view this information is a crucial step in deciding how to attack and correct the problem. Not having this ability results in missed opportunities and a lag in planning and scheduling repairs that may be critical in nature, compromising your assets and your productivity.

How does iReliability™ enable this?

Integrated Faulty Entry Reports

At-a-glance analyses and repair recommendations
iReliability™ gives users the ability to integrate and view all fault entry information, for all database locations, in a single report. The Integrated Fault Entry report allows a user to see analysis comments and repair recommendations, as well as any illustrations that have been provided to fully communicate the identified defect. Armed with this information, planners and schedulers can make sound decisions based on the entirety of the information available.

Asset Health Report

Cornerstone measurement of a reliability initiative
The Asset Health Report integrates the reporting results of all of technologies deployed in the PM/PdM program. Utilizing the Asset Health Report, the user can instantly see where he stands from a healthy versus unhealthy standpoint with the asset health codes assigned to the assets: Green for healthy, Yellow meaning under review, and Red signifying unhealthy. Graph features let you see your asset health percentages visually and you can navigate to the details of an asset directly from the report so you can see why the asset is in that state.

Monthly Scorecard

View progress to drive continuous improvement
The key components of the Monthly Scorecard are centered around the health of your facility (Asset Health), identified faults and the mitigation of those faults, and the efficiency of your inspection methods coverage (route adherence).
You can track and trend:

The Monthly Scorecard will allow you to trend results and view historical data over any date range of your choosing, and you will be able to compare trend results across multiple departments in your database, as well. The end result is a tool that provides the necessary data to help you drive continuous improvement and define the goals that determine ‘success’ in your organization.

Custom KPIs

Comprehensive KPI dashboard
The Custom KPI feature in iReliability™ assists organizations in creating KPIs and displaying ‘one version of the truth’ all in one comprehensive dashboard. The KPI module allows you to mine the data yourself and structure your KPIs however you see fit. You can mine historical data over any date range and track and trend results across multiple departments and/or databases. These KPIs will assist in determining the progression of your reliability program and keep your organization on track.
As an example, track and trend: