Requested Work


When you have a reliability program that consists of multiple inspection strategies carried out by multiple employees, managing day-to-day activities can be a chore. On top of that, you may have RCA or RCM activities or criticality assessments that involve your reliability engineers and technicians, which may be above and beyond their normal scope of work.

How do you see and manage the schedule? How do you see that work is in process, ready to be started, or scheduled in the future? This can be very difficult to do, especially when you have to go to multiple sources to gather all of this information.

How does iReliability™ enable this?

Work Order Tracking System

Assign, track, and view all of your activity information at a glance
The work execution feature in iReliability™ allows schedulers to create jobs, schedule jobs, and manage those jobs over time through the use of ‘job buckets’. For each job bucket, the scheduler must define what specific activities or work is to be completed; define which locations in the database the activities or work is to be completed against; schedule that job to be completed, either one time or on a recurring basis; and identify who is responsible for completing the job.