Reliability programs are comprised of multiple strategies that are deployed simultaneously, requiring simultaneous reporting capabilities for comparison. Each strategy has its own methods of data acquisition and the analysis of that data is being presented from many sources at the same time. Lack of standardization, formatting and the nomenclature can create a road block to comparison, making it impossible to see the ‘big picture’.

How does iReliability™ enable this?


An entire suite of reports with standardized formatting and nomenclature
When your resources execute work and enter results into your iReliability™ database, the workflow is the same, regardless of the user. The results are manageable because the formatting and nomenclature are standardized. The integration is a breeze because iReliability™ handles it for you. No more building reports based on results from multiple sources.
Standardized reports include:

iReliability™ has a comprehensive slate of reports that assist the user in gathering information that will ultimately drive a successful reliability program.

Data Mining

Use specialized sets of data to compile unique and customized reports
iReliability™ facilitates the creation of custom ‘Data Mining’ reports by allowing users to specify which sets of data they wish to query in the database. If your organization has multiple facilities or business units, you will be able to create data mining reports at the single plant level, across a business unit, or across the entire organization.