Predictive & Preventive Work


Most reactive organizations find themselves performing the majority of their work unplanned and are forced to break schedules to accommodate emergencies. In this situation, PM and PdM tasks are typically put off or cancelled to allow extra resources to perform the urgent work that has taken priority.
In the Proactive Workflow Model, the PM and PdM tasks are generated based on probable failure modes in your assets. The emphasis is placed on early detection and elimination of defects. In a sense, the PM and PdM program identifies faults early enough to provide managers, engineers, and planners with a backlog of work to be performed.

How does iReliability™ enable this?

Work Execution

Assign, track, and view all of your activity information at a glance
The iReliability™ Work Execution application is utilized to execute PM, PdM, lubrication, and operator activities. Regardless of technology or format, all information is gathered and reported following one work process and the information is instantly available to all system users. This module also allows operators, mechanics, and technicians to easily create technology specific/work type specific reports or work requests.