Equipment Reliability Improvements – FRACAS Loop


Equipment reliability requires continuous improvement. One of the roles of the reliability engineer is to periodically analyze the failures that have occurred in the plant and compare those failures to the failure modes library. Do the failures that have occurred match up with the failures that were expected? If not, why not?
When the failures that have occurred do not match the expected failures, there is room for improvement. Methodologies like Root Cause Analysis (RCA) provide an opportunity to analyze these situations and devise an adjustment to the current strategies.

How does iReliability™ enable this?

Root Cause Analysis

RCA facilitation simplified and streamlined
The RCA module in iReliability™ allows users to identify and quantify root causes within their facilities. Offering both 5 Why and Logic Tree Analysis, the module steps users through a comprehensive wizard to ensure consistency and completion of an effective RCA. All items are captured and displayed within appropriate diagrams that are interactive with easy drag-and-drop functionality. Each item can also generate activities or work orders to instantly identify corrections that must be made and are captured as results of the RCA.

Strategy Adjustments

Develop a highly customized EMP based on engineered failure modes in your plant
Modifications to the Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP), or even to the Asset Management Plan, to compensate for operational changes are warranted after an RCA has been completed.

The Asset Health Matrix/Equipment Maintenance Plan tool utilizes a combination of industry benchmark data, asset criticality analysis, equipment type classification, and PdM technology applications to aid in the design of a fully customizable equipment maintenance strategy, allowing the user to be as precise as the available data.

Benefits / Values