Asset Catalog


An asset catalog includes: a functional asset hierarchy; the system, equipment (asset), and component definition; the component configuration; and the component attributes.

An asset hierarchy is defined as the physical equipment, machinery, and related structures within a manufacturing or production facility that are used to process and/or manufacture finished products or support that function.

Having an accurate asset catalog and hierarchy forms the backbone of any system in which information is stored and used.

How does iReliability™ enable this?

iReliability™ has the tools and features that ensure you can build and manage an accurate and sustainable asset catalog and hierarchy. First, the iReliability™ database hierarchy is ISO 14224 compliant. With a comprehensive equipment type and parts list, the unlimited levels of database hierarchy ensure that the client facility business structure can be accurately represented. You can build what you need, regardless of your industry or business.

Standalone Walkdown Tool

Collect equipment data wirelessly and seamlessly integrate with database hierarchy
The Walkdown tool enables technicians to develop and validate equipment hierarchy, perform field collection of attribute information, and complete the set up work needed for BOM and PdM technology databases. This tool allows the user to define each piece of equipment as it relates to the ISO 14224 Standard dealing with hierarchy and facilitates the collection of component attributes that support PdM database builds and any BOM or engineering requirements.
Output of this process can then be used to rationally populate the CMMS/ERP System and the On-Condition/Predictive Technology databases.

Hierarchy Management

Update and change hierarchy with drag and drop functionality
In iReliability™, your asset catalog can be managed and restructured by simply dragging and dropping hierarchy locations from one area of the database to another. All associated information, such as criticality rankings, machine or equipment types, or component attributes, and location history is maintained and will follow the move.

Alias Mapping

Customize groups within the hierarchy to fit your business needs
By customizing groups within your hierarchy, you can generate reports and metrics based on cost centers, systems, or areas not explicitly represented in the database hierarchy. Alias mapping in iReliability™ provides functionality that will allow you to make the necessary associations by assigning an ‘alias’ to a location or group of locations in the database hierarchy. Aliases are alternate names that may include CMMS Numbers, Departments, System IDs, Cost Centers, etc.