PdM/PM Inspections


Process, performance, inspection, or test data is usually gathered with a pencil and clipboard and maintained either on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet. Using this method often results in data that is lost in the shuffle, the data has no integrity, and finding the data from a month or a year ago is next to impossible.

How does iReliability™ enable this?

Mobile Route Execution

Efficient data entry at the equipment site, conveniently linked to your database
The iReliability™ Mobile Route Execution module allows for the creation of quantitative and qualitative data points for any location in your database. These points may be grouped into routes, scheduled as jobs, and accessed for completion using a mobile device. Users have the ability to define and apply alarms to aid in the analytics of each data point. Additionally, notifications can be applied to inform users of alarms or faults instantly.

Once a mobile route is completed, data is analyzed and locations are assessed as to their current asset health state. The mobile route reports and data are integrated with other strategies and technologies that are deployed in the database.