Perform RCM analyses faster while simultaneously generating, communicating, and tracking RCM work requests.

Design and implement a failure mode driven reliability strategy and return results in a fraction of the time of traditional Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) methods via the convenient and easy-to-use RCM Blitz® wizard. Following analysis, work requests are generated to ensure effective communication and tracking of RCM results and individuals are assigned specific tasks and durations for participation and implementation. This ensures that RCM is not only performed, but implemented. Viewed as traditional RCM methodology, RCM Blitz® is fully compliant with the SAE RCM Standard JA 1011 while engineered to be quick and extremely effective.

RCM Blitz® is an RCM methodology designed to develop a complete maintenance strategy for critical assets. The process utilizes an RCM Blitz® facilitator or practitioner who works with a cross-functional team to discover failure modes, most of which are unique to the context and environment in which you operate your equipment.

RCM Blitz® Deliverables

  • List of PM/PdM tasks addressing operating environment/envelope
  • Identification of induced failures modes of the PM/PdM activities
  • A complete maintenance strategy for your equipment
  • Comprehensive troubleshooting guide for your equipment
  • A complete list of necessary spares required to ensure equipment reliability

RCM Blitz® Reporting Features

  • Equipment Maintenance Plan – This report is a summary of the RCM analysis data, including all task information.
  • FMECA Worksheet – The FMECA Worksheet includes all of the data entered in the RCM Blitz® database for each component and corresponding failure modes, including probability, consequence, and safety data.
  • Predictive/Preventive Tasks – This report will include all PM/PdM/Operator Care tasks, along with the task descriptions.
  • Spare Parts Suggestions – This report will include any spare part decisions made during the RCM analysis.
  • Troubleshooting Guide – The Troubleshooting Guide will list each failure mode that corresponds to a failure symptom.
  • View Data – This generates a list of all data for the RCM analysis. The data can be sorted, filtered, grouped, and manipulated as needed and can be exported to Excel as well.



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• Refined operating procedures
• High knowledge transfer rate
• Consequence reduction tasks for failure modes that cannot be addressed with traditional PM or PdM methods
• Failure-finding tasks that will reduce the probability of catastrophic Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) failures
• Improved Process and Equipment Reliability (PER)
• Comprehensive listing of PM and PdM tasks designed to mitigate the failure modes for your asset
• A complete listing of critical spare parts that need to be kept on-site or through vendor agreements
• Detailed operations checklists to ensure proper set up and operation of equipment
• Increased energy efficiency
• A complete Troubleshooting Guide based on actual failure modes and alarms for your equipment
• Reduced unit cost of product