Maintenance Reporting Software

Maintenance Reporting Software with an entire suite of reports with standardized formatting and nomenclature.

When your resources execute work and enter results into your iReliability™ database, the workflow is the same, regardless of the user. The results are manageable because the formatting and nomenclature are standardized. The integration is a breeze because iReliability™ handles it for you. No more building maintenance reports based on results from multiple sources.

iReliability™ has an entire suite of standard maintenance reports available to the user. Each maintenance report arms the user with the information necessary to facilitate the execution of a successful reliability initiative.

Asset Maintenance Report

The Asset Tracking Health Report integrates the reporting results of all technologies deployed in the reliability program. Utilizing the Asset Tracking Health Report, the user can instantly see where he/she stands from a healthy (Green) versus unhealthy (Red) standpoint. From here, the user can drive the necessary workflow to achieve the desired results.

Integrated Fault Entry Report

iReliability™ gives our users the ability to integrate and view all fault entry information, for all database locations, in a single report. The Integrated Fault Entry Report allows a user to see analysis comments and repair recommendations, as well as any illustrations that have been provided to fully communicate the identified defect.

Armed with this information, planners and schedulers can make sound decisions based on the entirety of the information available.

When a repair has been completed, status comments can be entered against the location in the Integrated Fault Entry Report. With a status of ‘Repair Complete’, a follow-up inspection can be scheduled from the Integrated Fault Entry Report to validate the repair. As a result, a database location in a Red, or unhealthy, status on your Asset Health Report can be updated to a status of Green, or healthy.

Maintenance Reporting Monthly Scorecard

iReliability™ has developed an Asset Tracking Monthly Scorecard that is built around a specific set of metrics that will assist in determining the progression of your Reliability program.

The key components of the Asset Tracking Monthly Scorecard are centered around the health of your facility (Asset Health), identified faults and the mitigation of those faults, and the efficiency of your inspection methods coverage (route adherence).

You will be able to track and trend:

  • Asset Health to see how the health of your facility has been improving or declining over time
  • How many new faults your inspection strategies have identified
  • How many existing faults they have re-identified
  • The percentage of database locations that are inspected during the month versus the number of locations that were scheduled to be inspected

Condition Assessment Assignments

When you have multiple inspection strategies in place and the results of those inspection strategies are coming from multiple sources, your ability to maintain some form of ‘standardization’ in terms of reporting becomes difficult to manage.

iReliability™ utilizes a single job creation and reporting interface that is used regardless of which inspection strategy is deployed. The result is standardized reporting that ensures you get the same results and set of information each and every time you view a report.

maintenance reporting software

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Asset Health Report Benefits
• Comprehensive filtering and sorting allows a user to see the Asset Health Report that applies to his/her area of responsibility
• Graph features let you see your Asset Health percentages visually
• Asset Health results for individual technologies are rolled up into a plant ‘overall’ state for each location on the report
• Navigate to the details of a Red asset to see why the asset is in that state
• Exportable to MS Excel
Integrated Fault Entry Report Benefits
• Integrates fault information regardless of technology or inspection method
• Communicates all details and linked information (images, documents, etc.) of each fault entry
• Allows for status comment updates
• Allows for ‘Repair Complete’ status updates
• Follow-up inspections can be scheduled from the Integrated Fault Entry Report
• Exportable to MS Excel
Monthly Scorecard Benefits
• Track results by department
• Track results by technology and/or inspection method
• Trend results over a user-defined date range
• View historical scorecard reports
• Compare trend and data results across multiple departments
• Exportable to MS Excel
Condition Assessment Assignment Benefits
• Standardized reporting for all fault entries
• Standardized reporting format regardless of inspection strategy
• Printable to PDF