Custom KPIs

Comprehensive KPI Dashboard.

The Custom KPI feature in iReliability™ assists organizations in creating KPIs and displaying ‘one version of the truth’ all in one comprehensive dashboard. The KPI module allows you to mine the data yourself and structure your KPIs however you see fit. You can mine historical data over any date range and track and trend results across multiple departments and/or databases. These KPIs will assist in determining the progression of your reliability program and keep your organization on track.

As an example, track and trend:

  • Bad actors in your equipment hierarchy
  • Technician performance
  • Failure Modes vs. Equipment Types
  • Percentage of database locations that are inspected during the month vs. the number of locations that were scheduled to be inspected

The possibilities are endless because you have all of the data at your finger tips.

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• Pre-configured data mining reports provide standard metrics that should be available for all databases so that all areas of the organization receive the same set of data when the report is generated; custom KPIs can also be shared across the organization’s databases
• User-defined reports can be a one-time report or saved to run multiple times in the future
• Reports and KPI charts can be sorted or filtered and exported to a number of available formats, which lets you choose how you want the report to appear
• Saved reports and KPI charts can be updated with different view options so that when a report is run in the future, it will generate how you have previously filtered or sorted it; new views can also be saved as a new version for future use without changing the original saved file
• When you choose to run a KPI report that has multiple layouts saved against it, all of the layouts will be available when you load the report since all layouts that are saved are tied together with one common report ID
• A wide variety of charting options means you can illustrate your KPIs in the most meaningful way