Maintenance Personnel

Asset Health Matrix Tool / Equipment Maintenance Plan Tool 
The iReliability™ Asset Health Matrix/Equipment Maintenance Plan tool provides a starting point for Failure Mode Analysis by utilizing the most common failure modes in asset components and parts to identify which mitigating actions or defect identification strategies could apply to the asset and establish a baseline. With an extensive failure mode library assigned at the part level, all failure modes have assigned PdM, PM, and Lubrication activities already mapped.
Work Execution
How do you see and manage your daily schedule? How do you see that work is in process, ready to be started, or scheduled in the future? This can be very difficult to do, especially when you have to go to multiple sources to gather all of this information or sort through paper work orders. iReliability™ has a user interface that allows you to see all of this information at a glance. A user can see all regularly scheduled work that is in process, ready to start, or slated to start in the future. Users can see any quality check or follow-up inspection work that has been scheduled as well.
Mobile Route Execution
Often there is a need to gather process, performance, inspection, or test data on equipment. Usually, this data is gathered with a pencil and clipboard and maintained either on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet. Data is lost in the shuffle, the data has no integrity, and finding the data from a month or a year ago is next to impossible. The iReliability™ Mobile Route Execution module allows for the creation of quantitative and qualitative data points for any location in your database. The iReliability™ Mobile Route Execution module allows for the creation of quantitative and qualitative data points for any location in your database via a web-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet.
Asset Health Report 
An Asset Health Report is the cornerstone measurement of the Reliability Initiative. What percent of the assets are healthy, or code GREEN? The key to the Asset Health Report is identifying all of the appropriate inspection methods that need to be applied, at what frequency, and what alarm criteria to apply, i.e. the PdM program design. Utilizing the Asset Health Report, the user can instantly see where he/she stands from a healthy versus unhealthy standpoint. From here, the user can drive the necessary workflow to achieve the desired results.
Integrated Fault Entry Report
Planning and scheduling repair work can be challenging when you have multiple fault identification strategies in place. Inspection results are being delivered at different frequencies and this information can be very difficult to correlate. The end result is that you lose the power of the information that you have in your hands. Multiple inspection methods may be identifying the same failure mode, telling you that you have an issue with a critical piece of equipment. Being able to integrate and view this information is a crucial step in deciding how to attack and correct to problem. Not having this ability results in missed opportunities and a lag in planning and scheduling repairs that may be critical in nature, compromising your assets and your productivity. iReliability™ gives users the ability to integrate and view all fault entry information, for all database locations, in a single report. The Integrated Fault Entry Report allows a user to see analysis comments and repair recommendations, as well as any illustrations that have been provided to fully communicate the identified defect.